Face Protection

Probex offers a wide range of certified products for face protection that are homologated for personal, workplace, and healthcare use against viruses, bacteria, and COVID 19.

Our face shields protect from infection caused by inadvertent contact between hands, eyes, and mucus membranes. They can be reused following sterilization procedures: The headband can be placed in an autoclave and the transparent visor can be sterilized with gamma rays or ethylene oxide. We recommend all components be cleaned and disinfected using Probex Disinfectant Spray.

Mounting the visor to the headband is easy. The attachment is stable and solid.

It is easily interchangeable with other Probex visors. It is manufactured with ultra-transparent scratch resistant PET.

The headband is compact, ergonomic, self-adjusting, and closes at the front providing 180 degrees of protection for your eyes, nose, mouth, and chin. The Healthcare PROBEX FACE SHIELD is manufactured using polysulfide homologated for medical use, whereas the Workplace PROBEX FACE SHIELD uses polyamide. It is free of foams and other porous materials that cannot be properly sterilized.

The elastic band supports two metallic ends that guarantee secure mounting to the headband.

Our face shields can be used in conjunction with masks and eyewear.

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